As an inspector, I’m involved with one of the biggest investments of my clients lives. I work hard for each and every one of them, making sure they get the type of investment they are looking for. I try to provide the best service possible. Honesty and integrity are very important to me. As an inspector it's my responsibility to educate and inform but not overwhelm my client.


Please take a moment to read below to find out what some of our satisfied clients have to say about working with us.

Thank you

Chris G.

I had my prospective home inspected by Chris G. He was on time for our appointment and fully prepared. I walked the home with him as he explained what he was doing and what he was looking for. He had a full array of specialized equipment on-hand and I'm sure glad he did! Chris was able to spot a water leak between the floors of the home that was completely invisible to the naked eye. This could have been a huge repair bill for me down the road. Now, I know about it before we close escrow. I highly, enthusiastically, recommend Chris for your home inspection service. His service is worth much more then what you pay for it. Trust me.

Richard A.

I was so impressed by my home inspector, Chris Garza, for his professionalism, detailed inspection, and fast report.

This was the first home I have ever purchased. My offer on this house was just accepted and I wanted to schedule an inspection asap. I did a lot of research on home inspectors.

The reason why I booked Chris is because he is certified with InterNACHI.  I booked Chris on the same day that I received acceptance of my offer on the home, Wednesday 6/13/2017. He confirmed that I would have the 2:30 pm appointment for Saturday 6/17/2017.

Chris Garza was our home inspector and showed up with all his equipment. The first thing he did was a roof inspection with a drone. Then he proceeded to check the exterior walls and yard. When he did his inspections inside, he had custom boot fittings so that the carpet and hardwood floor would not be dirtied. We appreciated this very much since the home's carpet was recently cleaned. Chris was very thorough with each room and every detail. While working, he would record photos or voice overs through an app on his phone. Additionally, he would educate me and my real estate agents about the house and how I can maintain the life of some of the things, such as using a drip tray for the laundry machine. Chris was very knowledgeable and patient. He was very kind to explain details about the house and how certain things worked, such as about the garage fire door or circuit breakers in the electrical wiring.

The house had three floors and Chris spent about an hour on each floor. Even though I know he had an appointment in Chino after our home inspection.

Immediately the next day, Chris was able to provide and generate a PDF file of our home inspection. It was a total of 110 pages, but it was very easy to understand. There are colored labels for things that are a safety hazard (red), needing repair (orange), potentially hazardous (yellow), or needing maintenance (blue). The report had an index for each category (utilities, grounds, roofing, heating, plumbing, kitchen, bedrooms, etc). Each category was filled with the photos Chris took that even had arrows labeled on the photos to indicate what needed attention.

Chris did an excellent and thorough job on our home. He was the nicest guy and taught us how to maintain the home in the future. The report was neat, organized, and received the very next day. It is in an easy to read format with clear photographs. Thanks to Chris's work, I was able to get the seller to repair two major items as well as give me credit for a fix. I feel like I definitely got my value's worth. Thank you Chris!

Seika D.

Chris helped us take a look at a home we were purchasing and was very thorough! Took us through the home step by step with detailed explanations for everything.
We did find a few things that needed improvement. We are very appreciative for Chris's detailed service! Definitely worth the peace of mind.

Howard Chang.

I realized from our experience with our first home that I wanted to get a more detailed home inspection. I am sooo happy we found Chris!

Chris Garza was our home inspector and I was blown away with how detailed and professional he was. He really took his time going through every square inch of our house. On top of that, I appreciated his education regarding things in the house such as how the GFCI outlets in the master bathroom and guest bathroom were connected.

In addition to the thorough inspection, we also got a very detailed colored report along with videos attached. This will definitely help us with our home process. Thanks Chris!

Ramolis F.

Chris did our inspection and he was great! He was very professional and had a lot of tools that no other inspectors in Yucca Valley or Morongo have. He was very thorough and noticed a lot of things that most other inspectors wouldn't have seen. All in all he did an awesome job and I would definitely use him again!

Dylan B.

Chris was very professional and thorough in his inspection. He had some really neat technology as well that would look for things that most inspectors look over. I would definitely use him again for future inspections.

BJ  Huether.