Heroes Discount

God Bless America

   It takes a special kind of person to answer the call of duty or put the lives of others before their own. These brave men and women rise to the call of duty every time they walk out the door. Some have given their lives to save the life of someone else. Not many know what goes through someone's mind when they are headed to a call or shipped out for deployment. What everyone should know is not enough credit is given. It seems credit is only given when it is convenient for politics. this is not the way it should be.


   We at Integrity Inspection Services extend our gratitude to our Armed Forces and First Responders serving both at home and away. The ones who put it all on the line for our freedom, safety, and for all the things we have in this country. 


   To show a small token of our gratitude we would like to offer special pricing to all the brave men and women of the Armed Forces and First Responders active or not. Please mention your branch or service when you book your appointment and give us a chance to thank you for your service.



Forever in you debt,

Chris Garza