Waste Line Inspections

We offer drain line video inspection services to our clients as an optional inspection. We perform a digitally recorded inspection of the main waste drain line from the home to where it connects either to public sewer system, or to a septic tank. The video you receive will confirm the drain is in good condition, or can be used to help obtain a estimate for repair if it is clogged, broken, collapsed or damaged in any way.

Help Avoid Costly Repairs

The cost of replacing a sewer line can be $5,000 – $10,000.  The cost and inconvenience of this repair can escalate if driveways, landscaping or even sidewalks have to be torn out and replaced. Most buyers are now electing to have their sewer line inspected in addition to a traditional home inspection.

Get to the root of the problem

Root intrusion or damaged drain lines will most likely not be discovered during the course of a standard home inspection. All drain lines are tested during an inspection, however for vacant homes this may not produce the same results as actual use by a family flushing solids such as (toilet paper, waste, soap, suds, etc.)

Quality Equipment