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Our Equipment and Qualifications

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

The real estate industry was one of the first industries to embrace drones, so it made sence for us to take the next step in the inspection industry. Drones give you the ability to showcase the entire property and even the neighborhood. Drones are a perfect fit to inspect hard to reach areas. Using drones equipped with high quality cameras gives the ability to inspect all the way down to  individual roof tiles.





Roof Inspections

Taking Inspections to new heights

One of the most vital components of a home is the roof as it provides the most protection from the elements. Climbing on top of a building is dangerous work, but necessary in order to get an accurate depiction of the condition of a roof. Some roof systems can not be safely inspected do to height, poor conditions, and risking damage to roof tiles. At Integrity this is not always the case. With the advancement of drone imaging we can offer aerial photography services using drone technology that makes the job of roof inspection much safer and faster. This process helps to make the roof accessible and ultimately makes for a better inspection while keeping the inspector safe. At Integrity Inspection Services, we use state of the art drone equipment. Our drones are equipped with high resolution high-def cameras capable of capturing the crispest and most detailed photos and video at the push of a button.

By sending a drone to the rooftop detailed photos can be taken, all while the inspector has two feet safely planted on the ground. The images captured will be able to show deficiencies and perspectives that even a person walking on the roof might miss. It also creates a permanent image allowing for careful evaluation.





Real estate Photography

Rise Above The Rest

Real estate agents are aware of the power of excellent photography and are enthusiastically adopting drones as a big part of their digital marketing. In fact, it is highly recommended for all real estate agents to use drones to ensure they are not missing out on potential sales. Apart from revealing the essential features of the home, drones provide many benefits that ground photography cannot compete with. Aerial photos provide a better view of the neighborhood and property including the surrounding areas. They can capture the proximity of the home to public transportation such as train stations and bus stops as well as view local schools, parks, playgrounds and more. Aerial photography can really give you such an amazing perspective of your future neighborhood.